Can Car Sharing Cure Congestion?

MOSCOW - NO CAR, NO PROBLEM. While car ownership is still regarded by many Russians as a symbol of status and success, the increased popularity of car-sharing means a growing number of Russians, especially in big cities, are leading the transition from vehicle ownership to vehicle usership. In response to the increased availability of convenient car-sharing services, thousands of Moscow residents have swapped their car keys in favor of a shared vehicle. A move that has made the Russian capital one of the world’s fastest growing markets for such schemes.

Technology Driven

Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is a paradigm change occurring in manufacturing seeing a shift from mass manufacturing to mass customization. Supply chains are embracing this opportunity to incorporate new technologies and processes, Smart Manufacturing Industrial Cloud is a cross industry initiative committed to enabling the advantages available via decentralized product design and manufacturing.

Leveraging Today’s Expertise for Tomorrow’s Success

The pace of change is faster than it’s ever been and slower than it’s going to be. The future belongs to continuous learners. We learn and grow by tackling challenges that are outside our comfort zone but adjacent to it and aligned with our strengths.

Creating a healthy environment and making sure that each individual is experiencing the right level of challenge to continue to grow is a guaranteed recipe for individual and business growth. 

Banma Connecting


The announcement BMW and Daimler are combining to create a new organisation providing urban mobility solutions, reflects an increasing importance  traditional OEMs are placing upon developing platforms to retain customers within their in-car connected service eco-systems.  This pooling of resources is designed to counter disruption from the tech sector, in the provision of localised solutions better reflecting end user lifestyle needs.  Alibaba is one such organisation that via its partnership with SAIC, created Banma, an infotainment platform, enables collaboration between developers and car manufacturers in R&D. 

Celebrating Success

At D2D we're committed to a culture and working environment that encourages continuous learning and development and celebrates success.  Leading by example Dr. Xiaohang Zhang, who has this month successfully completed an accelerated study course, achieving a nano-degree in Artificial Intelligence Programming with Python.  In achieving this qualification Xiaohang has acquired a certified understanding of Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, PyTorch and Linear Algebra, the foundations for building a neural network.

Enabling Individual & Business Growth

Imagine a workplace of busy individuals who, for a variety of reasons and in spite of their best intentions, are most likely performing at less than 100% of their current capability.  The gap between their current performance and the performance levels they could already be delivering is a waste of company resources and a lost opportunity for them to be more productive and fulfilled.    

Front Line 2019

We’ll begin our look at 2019 by highlighting the transformational leadership skills required as “Gen Z” begins to influence the workplace in significant numbers.  Increasingly leaders will seek guidance enabling them to become more inclusive, engaging, and as recognised developers of young talent and innovation. Leaders who fail to “disrupt themselves” will fail to attract and retain talent in a workplace increasingly short of skilled resource.

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